2021.7 MPMC is a reliable supplier when an emergency power supply is needed
2021.7 MPMC is a reliable supplier when an emergency power supply is needed
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2021.7 MPMC is a reliable supplier when an emergency power supply is needed
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The sudden occurrence of a natural disaster such as earthquakes and floods often leads to the damage of cables in the disaster area, which leads to a series of problems: the disaster area cannot supply power normally, affecting the lives of residents; the communication base station can not work normally, which greatly reduces the efficiency of disaster relief; Power shortage makes night activities inconvenient. Rainstorms and floods will even inundate houses, causing irreparable losses.


MPMC provides a series of solutions for emergency power, base station power supply, emergency lighting, drainage, and flood control in disasters, and gives MPMC products to deal with various sudden natural disasters.

01 MPMC emergency power solution


super silent container generator set


In case of an earthquake or flood, the power supply may not be restored in a very short time.

The MPMC container generator sets are convenient for transportation and equipped with a large capacity oil tank to ensure long-term operation, stability and reliability, and simple operation. It can be used in medical power supply, communication power supply, lighting power supply, and other occasions.

Product features:

1. Side doors are set on both sides o the box and ladders are set outside the box to facilitate users’ daily maintenance and overhaul.

2. Hinges, locks, and bolts are made of stainless steel, and anti wave and anti rainwater devices are installed in the container

3. The permanent magnet excitation PMG system is selected to optimize the starting capacity of the motor and have anti-interference against waveform distortion.

4. Aging resistant and flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials are arranged inside the silent box, which is close to the noise reduction design of inlet and exhaust air

5. The container girder is made of a square tube to optimize the mechanical strength of the container and withstand the higher dynamic load impact of the generator set.


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02 MPMC base station power solution

electric vehicle mounted emergency power supply

Power failure caused by disasters usually leads to the failure of the base station to work normally, and the limited radiation range of the command system leads to the reduction of disaster relief efficiency. Therefore, MPMC has developed an electric mobile power supply for the restoration of communication base stations. The power supply can be used in base station maintenance, emergency charging, fast charging of new energy vehicles, and other places.

Based on the design principle of fast response and stable power supply, this electric mobile power supply has the characteristics of small volume, strong mobility, flexibility and can pass through various complex road conditions through traffic-congested sections and residential areas; It has a lower center of gravity and wider wheelbase, which can effectively prevent rollover. The wading depth can reach 300mm and the driving safety is high; it is a “small unit” and a “large system”, which can be connected in parallel with up to 32 units to meet the different power requirements of various scenarios; It has a maximum speed of 40km/h and a maximum range of 80km.


In addition, the product can also be optionally equipped with a high-performance lithium battery pack with a discharge depth of 90% and cycle times of more than 6000 times, which can meet the requirements of an urban mute level standard, without disturbing residents; it also supports intelligent cloud monitoring on the computer and mobile terminals. The positioning error of the global positioning system and remote monitoring system is less than 50m, which brings a comprehensive guarantee, integrated, and one-stop efficient power supply experience for emergency rescue.

Product features

1. All stainless steel hardware

2. Fast output mode and charging mode

3. High strength parking support system to avoid unit operation resonance

4. The cockpit can be equipped with an air conditioner to create a comfortable operating condition.

5. Aksu coating materials of the world-famous brand are used on the surface to ensure no discoloration and falling off during outdoor operation for 3 years.

03 MPMC emergency lighting solution

Municipal automatic hydraulic lighthouse

The power shortage in the disaster area has led to inconvenient night activities. The movable hydraulic lighthouse launched by MPMC for emergency lighting of rescue and disaster relief can be used in night rescue, road lighting, camp lighting, and other places.

The lighthouse adopts an automatic hydraulic lifting system and hydraulic support legs and is equipped with safety lifting warning lights, emergency stop buttons, leakage protection, and other safety devices. We choose the AL-KO trailer system to enable the lighthouse to be transported quickly under different road conditions.

Product features:

1. Four 500W LED lamps are equipped, for 1000W metal lamps are optional

2. Each lamp group has an independent control switch

3. four independently operated hydraulic support legs give the lighthouse stable and reliable support so that the lighthouse can withstand force 8 wind.

04 MPMC drainage and flood control solution

Rainstorms, floods, and other natural disasters will bring pondings on roads and even inundate houses. Combined with world-famous brand engines and self-priming pumps, MPMC launched a special movable water pump unit for flood control and disaster relief, which can be used in flood control, drainage, fire, and other places. 

In addition, MPMC also provides customized electric onboard emergency water pump power supply. Compared with foreign automobile power stations and trailer power stations, it is smaller, easier to drive, and can walk through the streets and alleys easily.



POM mobile water pump unit

The diesel engine water pump unit adopts a self-priming pump and semi-open anti-blocking impeller, which can pass through particles with large diameters and has a strong sewage discharge capacity. In addition, the water pump only needs to be filled once, and there is no need to fill water after starting.

The diesel engine is equipped with a control panel, cooling fan, starting battery, and exhaust muffler. In addition, it can be equipped with a unit static speaker to meet different mute requirements.

MPMC electric vehicle mounted emergency water pump power supply

The electric tricycle is used as the driving force to realize the clean and rapid movement of the unit. It can rapidly shuttle between streets and alleys and reach many places that cannot be reached by freight vehicles.

Compared with the automobile power station with the same power, the center of gravity design of the power vehicle is lower, so the operation is more stable; The product is equipped with a remote monitoring system and a global GPS positioning system for accurate positioning, with a positioning error of no more than 50 meters.

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