2021.7 Discreet and responsible, MPMC brings warm-hearted support in the rain
2021.7 Discreet and responsible, MPMC brings warm-hearted support in the rain
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2021.7 Discreet and responsible, MPMC brings warm-hearted support in the rain
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Hurricane fireworks recently landed from the coastal areas of Zhejiang, bringing the rare strong storm to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, resulting in the suspension of most traffic operations.

The MPMC base in Haimen, Jiangsu Province was also affected by the hurricane, which led to the suspension of shipping and had to stay in the factory temporarily. To protect the safety of customers’ products, MPMC urgently transferred the products stacked outdoors and took protective measures against wind and rain.

Wearing a raincoat

All products stacked outdoors are covered with oilcloth, and they are stacked on the side of the wall against the wind and rain according to the possible wind direction when the hurricane comes, to avoid damage to the unit caused by hard objects that may be mixed by the strong wind.

Moving to a new home

We vacate the outdoor parking space and use the solar car shed with a firm structure as a temporary “shelter” to shelter the customer’s LED hydraulic lighthouse from the wind and rain.

In addition, we also repeatedly checked the electrical facilities and drainage system of the factory to ensure a safe working condition; Hold publicity meetings to enhance employees’ safety awareness against hurricanes; When the hurricane reaches the corresponding level, the production operation will be suspended.

To ensure that customers can receive our products in time, the employees of MPMC work overtime to avoid the possible construction delay caused by extreme weather.

[community support]

At the same time, the MPMC has also contributed its part to regional disaster relief. A silent diesel generator set was provided to Haimen's new district to provide power for the resettlement sites of more than 1000 people for lighting and mobile phone charging, to provide peace of mind and warmth for people trapped by wind and rain.

discreet and responsible, rain or not MPMC power has always treated the interests of customers as the priority. While ensuring the product quality, we try our best to deliver the products to every customer as soon as possible

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