What we do
What we do
MPMC is the supplier of world-leading cloud power and smart energy comprehensive solution. MPMC tailors mobile lighting towers to customers around the world, and focuses on innovating and researching products and services that are environmentally friendly, clean, efficient, safe and comfortable. MPMC was founded in 2008, headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai, China, and exports to more than 115 countries now.
  • The expert team of MPMC mobile energy solutions consists of more than 55 experienced engineers, and has also established a joint laboratory of distributed hybrid energy cloud technology with TONGJI University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. Together with MPMC’s App named as "More Power Cloud", the laboratory is striving to make various technical researches on the life-cycle global hybrid and the cloud management, aiming to become the world-leading hybrid cloud power solution expert with 24-hour "cloud services" for different customers all over the world.

1.Technical Team – Easy to Customization

  • MPMC has more than 50 technical experts, acquires 47 national intellectual property and has more than 9 years of experience in this industry. MPMC provides technical solutions, precise selection and one-stop service for customized solutions. MPMC jointly develops the cloud-based intelligent management system “More Cloud” together with Tongji University to remotely solve the problem. According to the customer's different requirements of functions and operating environment, MPMC will customize the solutions of generator sets and lighting towers for customers.

  • Keywords: 50 experts; 47 national property rights; 9 years of industry experience

2. Full-Process Self-Production - Quick Delivery

  • 34000㎡ manufacture base, 14000㎡ modern workshops, 8000㎡ office facilities, modern production equipment: Programmable CNC cutting, folding, punching equipment and programmable laser cutting machine, welding robot, environment-friendly "pottery craft" intelligent powder coating line, four professional assembly lines, and five test rooms, annual production capacity of 12,000 units. Sufficient stocks of engines, alternators and spare parts for the rapid production customization.

  • Keywords: 34000㎡ manufacture base, 14000㎡ modern workshops, 8000㎡ office facilities, annual production capacity of 12,000 units

  • CNC Bending Technology
  • Laser Cutting Equipment
  • Lighting Tower Production Line
  • Lighting Tower Production Line
  • Lighting Tower Production Line
  • Modern Welding Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Production Process Testing

3. International Quality - Reliable and Superior

  • With TLC, CE, TUV, Bureau Veritas, SGS, SONCAP, ISO9001 and other international certification; Quality conform IEC34-1, VDE0530, BS5000, NEMAMG1-32, YD/T502-2007, GB2820, GB1030 and other standards; Service life are more than 20 years.

  • Keywords: various certifications

4. Global Service - After-Sale Service

  • 3 Branch offices around the world, more than 30 dealers provide after-sales service; 18-month global warranty, the spare parts can enjoy the factory price discount which exceeds the warranty period; response to any failure within 24 hours. The "More Cloud" remote system can achieve the remote measurement, remote control, and remote communication to customers' generator sets. It can also remotely solve customers' on-site problems through video or voice.

  • Keywords: 3 branch offices; 30+ dealers; 18 months warranty; 24-hour response

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