HLB 9M Hybrid Light Tower
  • Diesel or Solar:
    Diesel & Battery
  • Lamp type:
  • Lamp power:
  • Mast lifting:
  • Series:
    HLB 1400
  • HLB Hybrid Light Tower
    Compared with a traditional diesel light tower, the HLB Hybrid light tower is able to work without noise through the battery energy storage system, which is much more suitable for night work.
  • Unattended Operation
    HLB hybrid light tower is equipped with a light-operated switch that realizes the unattended automatic operation mode. And the generator will start according to the timing you set.
    Zero Noise
    HLB hybrid light tower will run without noise when powered by batteries. And the battery capacity is 15KWH, and it can keep lighting for 9 hours after being fully charged and only takes 3 hours to recharge when connected to the generator set.


  • 355° rotatable hydraulic light mast up to 9M
  • Electric 90° tiltable LED lights
  • More than 9 hours lighting hours by batteries
  • Quick charged by generator or the grid
  • On-road trailer whose speed up to 80km/h
  • Optional MPMC Cloud Monitoring
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