2021.6 Fun life comes with you and me | MPMC summer activities
2021.6 Fun life comes with you and me | MPMC summer activities
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2021.6 Fun life comes with you and me | MPMC summer activities
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To enrich the spare time of all employees and strengthen teamwork, MPMC has established several associations to organize employees to launch activities according to their different preferences after absorbing the suggestions of employees.

The Meal Team

Every worker has a pure desire for the happiness of gorging on food. The establishment of Meal Team assembles a group of people who favor a variety of kinds of cushions. The cafeteria is the choice of their first activity, and indulging themselves in the joy of eating is undoubtedly the best comfort after hard work.

The Fashion Team

The name of the fashion Team is simple and direct. Members love to explore highlights and beauty in plain work and life. In this event, they came to the north square of The Bund in Shanghai to participate in a rally where wine and delicacy collided.

The Outdoor Hiking Team

Compared with food and wine, members of the Outdoor Hiking Team, prefer to find their peace after working by approaching nature. It’s pleasant to travel in twos and threes in the shades of trees by the lake.

The Fishing Team

Fishing is a sport that is wholesome to both physical and mental health. Relax your physical and mental tension caused by work and enjoy the surprise when the fish takes the bait. It doesn’t matter how many fish you can harvest when you go wild fishing with your colleagues and friends. What matters is the good time of randomly chatting together.

Fitness Team

Maintaining a good working condition requires a strong body as a guarantee. The sunshine is just right in early summer. The Fitness Team organizes running activities in coastal forest parks. The MPMCers actively participate in the activities, sprinkle happy sweat, and enjoy the pleasure brought by running.

Community activities are not only an activity to adjust the working state and relax the mind, but more importantly, they can expand the horizon of MPMC workers and create a good company atmosphere.

Let’s look forward to our next club activity!

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