2021.5 | Outstanding performance & reliable guarantee Application cases of MPMC’s high power generator sets
2021.5 | Outstanding performance & reliable guarantee Application cases of MPMC’s high power generator sets
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2021.5 | Outstanding performance & reliable guarantee Application cases of MPMC’s high power generator sets
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In our daily life, electric power not only meets the need of urban life, but also it plays a critical role in industry, construction, medical treatment, communications and many other fields. In the practical operation process of the equipment in these industries, there are relatively high requirements for the continuity and stability of power supply.

MPMCs products of power generators have advanced technology, the traits of high efficiency and energy saving characteristics.Thus, it has a distinguished performance and can provide customers with reliable and stable power supply, whether as the main power supply in areas where municipal power cant reach, or as the standby power supply to prevent emergencies like power outage.

01 peak shaving


There is an obvious peak and valley difference in urban electricity consumption. The peak could be cut and the valley could be filled by equipping with generator sets, which could reduce the peak valley difference, so that the usage of electric energy could be more efficient and the economic benefits could be gained.

In the Middle East project, MPMC has selected a 210kVAMTU generator set for our customers. The generator set was equipped with a 50radiator, which is connected in parallel with the mains power. The load capacity of the unit is adjustable, which can increase the output power at the peak of the load and reduce the output power at the low, so as to effectively reduce the peak and fill the valley.

02 buildings


In municipal constructions, the generator set is required as the standby power supply. When the municipal power supply goes out, it needs to be started quickly and run with its 100% load, and the generator set products used in municipal buildings also have strict restrictions on noise.

In the New Zealand municipal project, MPMC has selected a 750Kva DouShan generator set and a 20 foot cabinet ultra silent generator set with a net weight of less than 10 tons ( the noise is about 75dbAwhen fully loaded), which perfectly meets the demands of customers.

03 Healthcare


When there is a power failure in the medical industry, it will not only bring about economic losses, but also threaten the life safety of patients. Only a reliable generator set can ensure that the power sill not be interrupted and the use of medical equipment will not be affected in the case of mains power outage.

In the New Zealand project, MPMC selected Perkins silent generator sets for our customers, equipped with 40 foot cabinet super quiet box (85dB(A) at 100%load 1m). The product is silent and efficient, which can realize automation and unattended. When the mains power is cut off, it can be started quickly, realize stable power supply and ensure safety.

04 Data Center


The sustainability of data center power supply is of great importance. A power failure may result in huge losses. According to the specific requirements of application scenarios, the generator set products are required to have strong sudden loading capacity, so that the demand of rapid start and timely bearing could be realized.

For the Shanghai urban communication data center project, MPMC provides three 1150kw and one 2000kw low-voltage generator set to undertake the low-noise emergency power supply system of the machine room. Through the customized automatic conversion system and intelligent synchronization system, it can realize the real-time monitoring of multi-channel mains power supply, and automatically start and transmit power in case of failure, so as to ensure the power supply of the data center.


MPMC series products are also widely used in exhibition, port, construction, banking, transportation, emergency lighting and other industries. We provide customers with efficient and professional power solutions, carry out customized services, cooperate with intelligent application systems, and ensure continuous, stable, safe and reliable power supply.


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