2021.10 Shout Lithium battery The most eye-catching booth on the Global solar and energy storage conference&expo
2021.10 Shout Lithium battery The most eye-catching booth on the Global solar and energy storage conference&expo
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2021.10 Shout Lithium battery The most eye-catching booth on the Global solar and energy storage conference&expo
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From October 12 to 13, 2021, the 8th Global solar and energy storage conference& expo was grandly held in Wuxi. Shoufu Lithium battery technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. attended with its new products and won the award of the best optical storage and charging integrated solution in 2021.


As for Shoufu, the award was not only recognition but also encouragement. Shoufu lithium battery will always take being a mobile hybrid energy expert who serves the world as its duty, to promote carbon neutralization and achieve carbon peak.

In this exhibition, the E-01 booth where the Shoufu lithium battery was located is bustling. Every visitor was interested in the new products displayed by Shoufu, the booth was crowded. Among the products, the renewable energy wisdom supply battery (WSB) and Governance hybrid energy solution (GSB) once became the most preferred for their brilliant appearance and performance, attracting many to stop and visit.

The portable power station and industrial container energy storage power station were also competitive, Visitors are very curious about these two products and consult the staff one after another. Staff said that the sample album they brought was distributed on the first day.


The “ Fu Dian Bao” portable power station launched by Shoufu lithium battery is compatible with all kinds of common output interfaces, and the large capacity design of 500wh can meet the charging and power supply needs of mobile phones, notebooks, fans, and other common outdoor equipment; It is also compatible with car charging, mains charging and solar panel charging (optional); In addition, the product is also equipped with emergency lighting, which is truly an integrated product of portable, practical, and applicable.

The industrial container energy storage power station mainly solves the emergency reserve power supply in the industrial and commercial fields, such as communication base stations, banks, railway islands, power industry, and other areas where the power grid can’t reach, to solve the problem of power supply in case of power shortage or power failure.

The whole booth takes green as the theme color, which is not only the main color of the Shoufu lithium battery products but also caters to the characteristics of low-carbon. Taking this exhibition as the starting line, new energy will be Shoufu’s brand-new start.

At the exhibition, Shoufu negotiated with a leading head cell enterprise, which complemented Shoufu’s resources, and the two sides reached cooperation intentions on multiple energy storage projects.

New product release


On the afternoon of October 13, Ms. Liu, deputy general manager of MPMC, gave a speech at the new product launch of the Shoufu lithium battery new product release conference. At the press conference, President Liu introduced in detail the electric vehicle mobile energy storage system, renewable energy power supply system, industrial and commercial hybrid energy solutions, and portable power stations. She deeply expounded the product features, product functions, and product parameters, which attracted the audience to take out their mobile phones and record the wonderful moment.

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