We Are In The Spotlight丨GPOWER 2022 Exhibition MPMC Booth was Extremely Popular
We Are In The Spotlight丨GPOWER 2022 Exhibition MPMC Booth was Extremely Popular
MPMC is the supplier of world-leading cloud power and smart energy comprehensive solution. We will show you the latest news and industry news at this page. You can know many interesting story about MPMC, such as company daily activities, our new lighting tower launch and customers’ visiting. MPMC has 10 years’ experience in producing lighting towers, we will be happy to Industry experience and industry news for you.
We Are In The Spotlight丨GPOWER 2022 Exhibition MPMC Booth was Extremely Popular
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On August 11th, 2022, the three-day GPOWER 2022 Exhibition officially kicked off at the Nanjing International Expo Center. As the world's leading provider of mobile hybrid energy (carbon reduction + energy storage) solutions, MPMC brings a lot of new products at this exhibition,which has attracted a large number of people to visit our booth,negotiate with us,interview us.We become the dazzling "stars" at this exhibition.

The popular new products exhibited by MPMC at this exhibition mainly include: "diesel + storage" distributed industrial and commercial lithium battery energy storage system solution, wind-solar-diesel-storage integrated hybrid energy micro-power station, household energy storage system, portable energy storage system and portable solar panels, etc.

List of Exhibits of MPMC

HBD industrial and commercial energy storage solutions

HBC home energy storage & PPS portable energy storage

WSB hybrid energy wind-solar storage micro-power station

AIO Hybrid Energy Micro-Power Station

Silent diesel generator set SR

Mobile Lighting Tower LD

Popular customized container generator set SP

Among them, AIO hybrid energy micro-power station, WSB hybrid energy wind-solar storage micro-power station and HBD industrial and commercial energy storage solutions have become the favorites of the visitors because of their brilliant appearance and product functions. Everyone is full of curiosity about the new products of MPMC, they wanted to see more and know more about our products.

AIO (All-In-One) hybrid energy micro-power station combines diesel, solar, energy storage and wind energy for power generation, achieving low emissions and low noise while achieving self-sufficiency in power. Born to solve off-grid power consumption, it is suitable for application scenarios such as telecom base stations and off-grid power supply. If the daily electricity consumption is ≤20kWh, compared with a diesel generator set with a rated power of 24kW, using AIO to generate electricity for 12 hours a day can save up to $4,000 in annual fuel costs.
WSB (Wind, Solar, Battery) wind-solar-storage hybrid energy micro-power station optimizes and integrates solar energy, wind energy and lithium battery energy storage systems to ensure full utilization of energy, which can greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs. The maximum rated power is 10kVA, and the maximum system capacity can reach 20kWh ,it can save at least 3600 kWh of electricity every year, shorten the return on investment cycle, and also connect the surplus electricity to the Internet to obtain higher returns.
The HBD industrial and commercial lithium battery energy storage system integrates high-end energy storage system, battery management system and operation monitoring system into this small unit. The capacity of a single system can reach up to 2000kWh, which can help recycle power when testing generator sets, cut peaks and fill off-peaks of electricity consumption, and can also be used in factories, construction and other scenarios, it's silent, low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly.
In addition, the traditional silent diesel generator set SR, the popular customized container generator set SP and the mobile lighting tower LD also aroused the interest of many audiences, and there was an endless stream of customers and industry insiders who came to inquire about the details and check the internal structure.

Almost every visitor who came to the booth of MPMC will ask us for sample brochures. The staff of MPMC warmly explained to customers, exchanged business cards with new and old customers, and looked forward to future cooperation. In this exhibition, MPMC has specially arranged a conference and negotiation room to facilitate in-depth communication with customers.

We also held two "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Smart Future" MPMC Industry Solution Sharing Speeches on site. On August 11th, Mr. Huang Qiaoyong, CEO of MPMC,gave a speech on "Digitalization to Empower the the factory in diesel gensets industry", introduces how MPMC makes full use of CRM, ERP, PLM, MES, OA and other collaborative operation platforms, continuously improves the standardization, transparency, efficiency and execution of operation management, and strives to forge the new supply capacity of the digital times.

On August 12th, Ms. Liu Xiaoxia, Vice CEO of MPMC, gave a speech on "Testing Energy Storage, Turning Waste into Treasures, and the Overall Solution of Diesel Engine + Energy Storage", and introduced in detail the advantages of our "Diesel Engine + Energy Storage".In a variety of application scenarios, such as how to collect the power wasted during diesel generators testing, save expenses at the construction site and factory expansion, cut peaks and fill valleys, as well as off-grid power supply, military equipment power supply, noise-free power supply and other application scenarios, this solution can help companies greatly reduce electricity costs.

During the speeches, the traffic of people reached its peak. People stopped in front of the podium, looked the large LED screen carefully, listened carefully, surrounded the MPMC booth, and became a unique landscape in the exhibition hall.

Moreover, Jiangsu Public News Channel made a special report on this power exhibition, and the hybrid energy, industrial and commercial energy storage system, household energy storage and portable energy storage products of MPMC were in the spotlights,becoming the highlight in the news reports.

Our HBD industrial and commercial energy storage system can be charged during the off-peak at night and discharged in peak hours during the day, becoming a "charging treasure" for factories, hotels, schools and other places.CEO Mr. Huang Qiaoyong introduced to the reporter: "Our entire battery system can be customized according to the customer needs. We have calculated that the annual cost savings accounts for between 30% and 35% of the power supply of the entire factory. "

With the popularity of camping in the wild grows, portable energy storage products are becoming more and more popular. Our PPS portable energy storage series can meet the charging and power consumption needs of mobile phones, laptops, drones,electic fans and other common outdoor equipments, and are compatible with automobiles charging, on grid charging, solar panel charging (optional), Mr. Huang said: "Since we used lithium iron phosphate batteries, the safety of users' electricity consumption has been greatly protected. Our products can charge and discharge 6,000 times. If you use it once a day like normally, it can be used for more than ten years."

A visitor said: "MPMC's new products are eye-catching, representing the new trend and new direction of the industry." Another industry insider said: "MPMC's new hybrid energy products are low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and intelligent.They will definitely make a big difference in the market in the future.”

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