2021.9 MPMC meet with Lixingxing Machinery in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province
2021.9 MPMC meet with Lixingxing Machinery in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province
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2021.9 MPMC meet with Lixingxing Machinery in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province
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On September 25-26, MPMC and Lixingxing Machinery(Shanghai) Co., Ltd held the 2021 partnership summit in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province. The two parties continued their friendship and talked about cooperation in the beautiful scenery of Tonglu. The atmosphere is harmonious and full of joy.

On the afternoon of September, MPMC staff took the lead in arriving at the “ Chui Yun tong tian river” which enjoys the reputation of “national cave crown” for its magical landform and magnificent stone landscape. A boat could take several persons. Accompanied by the sound of gurgling water, they shuttle through the underground river formed hundreds of millions of years ago, exploring the landscape’s mysterious beauty, and praising the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Then, we came to the natural pebble beach, the “ lang shi jin beach”. The beach is surrounded by overlapping green mountains and paths on both sides. On the bamboo raft, our friends enjoy the leisure and tranquility near the mountains and rivers.

After visiting the scenic of nature, MPMC and Lixingxing machinery held the signing ceremony of Perkins 4000 series engines that night. At the beginning of the signing ceremony, Ms. Liu, deputy general manager of MPMC, introduced the company’s new container energy storage products in detail.

After that, Ms. Dai, vice president of MPMC, and MR. Wang, general manager of LiXingxing Perkins, officially signed the Perkins 4000 series cooperation agreement.

Mr.Du, chairman of MPMC, presented the award of “best partner of the yar” to Lixingxing machinery and expressed sincere gratitude and praise for lixingxing’s company and support in all conditions. Mr. Wang Xin, general manager of Lixingxing Perkins, said that Lixingxing will continue to support the business of MOMC generator set, maintain close contact, and constantly achieve cooperation that benefits both parties.

For more than ten years, Lixingxing has promoted the development of MPMC and witnessed the success of MPMC. The significance of Lixingxing for MPMC is not only the close cooperation in the supply chain but also that its experienced sales service team has always been an example for the marketing team of MPMC. Mr. Du, chairman of MPMC, inspired the team by stating that an excellent salesperson must be a qualified pre-sales technician. MPMC’s marketing team still needs to strengthen product concern knowledge learning and better provide professional service for our customers.

Mr.Du points out that the strategic transformation direction of MPMC is to develop the overall solution of mobile hybrid energy. Under the national strategic goal of “ carbon peak and carbon neutralization”, the prospect of the hybrid energy market is immeasurable. We believe that though the road is blocked and long, we could strive to achieve our target and the future can be expected as long as we don’t stop exploring and innovating!

On the second day of the activity, we came to Daqishan national forest park early in the morning. Green mountains, murmuring green water, we sweat on the mountain climbing road and feel comfortable in front of the Longtan waterfall. Temporarily leave the busy work and walk into the clean mountains and forests to feel the comfort of slow life, which makes people relaxed and happy.

Two days are transient, but in this event, we deeply felt the strong friendship between MPMC and Lixingxing. We firmly believe that MPMC and Lixingxing will go hand in hand as always. In the competitive market, MPMC and Lixingxing shall be the two boats that lead the trend.

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